The Science-Truth Solution

            Tract #31 in the Truth For Science-Fiction Followers series

            Version 1h, Dec. 3, 2005. Copyright 2005 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.

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  Child of Earth, you are now approaching the end of another day in your life, and we are hoping that you have learned well the lessons of your days on Earth.

  Have you come to understand the Science-Truth Solution... the grand Answer to Everything that mystifies humanity? The Science-Truth Solution is the only reasonable conclusion possible for the honest scientist or any genuine seeker of Truth.

  Absolute Truth can come only from the Creator of our Universe... from the Intelligent Designer who constructed this entire Universe for us. We get that Truth directly from the Creator’s mouth when we listen to the words of Jesus Christ. That’s why He is called the Word of God and the Word of Life.

  God The Son was there with God The Father and God The Spirit when our physical Universe was first conceived and constructed. Jesus Christ is our very best source of knowledge... a source of Absolute Truth, because He is the eternal Guardian of God’s Truth.

  That’s why Jesus came to Earth, and that’s why He said that He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” He also said that He is “the Light of the World.” He is our Door to Knowledge, the Door to the Knowledge of Absolute Truth about our Universe. He is eternally the Word of God. As such, He is eternally the Door to Knowledge. And He is also the Door to Heaven... the Savior of our world.

  Jesus on Earth was God The Son incarnated in a human body, and this “Human Son of God” brings salvation to an embattled humanity. He brings rescue and peace to all the distressed persons that exist on Earth... if only they have ears and a willingness to hear the Truth. He is God’s Answer for a very confusing and difficult Universe. Jesus was “a son of God” through humanity, a Divine God-Man who came into our physical Universe when He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in a human mother... namely, the Virgin Mary.

  God The Father speaks to humanity through Jesus Christ just as clearly as He once spoke directly to Moses. Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the Absolute Truth of our Universe. As one member of the Divine Trinity, intimately part of the One Triune God, He was there at the Creation of the Cosmos. He is just what He said He is: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

  Jesus is the Life of the Universe because He is the Life-Giver, the actual Creator of our Universe. As God The Son, He was there at the Beginning when time, space, and all the worlds of space were created. The Bible teaches that all things in the Universe were made by God The Son (The Word), that all things were made through Him and for Him. Since He was then (and is forever) an intimate Person in the Holy Trinity of God... we may correctly think of Jesus (God The Son) as the Creator of Everything.

  According to Holy Scripture, God The Son was more intimately involved in the details of the Creation than even God The Father, so we may rest assured that this is Truth.

  Every word that proceeds from the mouth of God is only Truth. So Jesus Christ is our only real source of Knowledge... and He is the One to whom we must turn for Absolute Truth.

  Jesus is “the Way” because He is God’s Way of offering enlightenment, rescue, and peace-of-mind to all the people of the Earth. He is similarly “the Way” to Heaven because He is the escape-route for many who would otherwise be destined for Hell.

  Jesus is History’s Hero, the heroic rescuer by Whom God saves a remnant of humanity!

  Those humans who are moved by the Holy Spirit to fully receive Jesus, acknowledging Him as being formerly God’s Son on Earth (in a normal human body) and currently God The Son, Who now sits at the right hand of His Father’s throne, are triply blessed. These humans are blessed by God The Son, by His Father, and by His Spirit... which is the Holy Spirit of God.

  They are the elect of God, the ones God has chosen to populate Heaven, the New Jerusalem, and the New Earth that is yet to come. They are the ones who will be spared the torment of “the second death”... which is actually an eternity in Hell. The others will be cut off from God eternally... placed in an “isolation” chamber that Jesus calls “the outer darkness.”

  Hell is a place where the damned are kept far away from the presence of God, so it’s a place that is utterly without light... but they actually have a lot of company there.

  The grave misfortune is this: The only company in Hell is to be derived from the other inhabitants of Hell. Some of these are evil spirits (fallen angels and demons), and some may be the departed souls of humans who were formerly criminals, or tyrants, or sadists, or unrepentant perverts. But a lot of them are just unhappy unbelievers; they are eternally miserable in the knowledge that they have become damned souls, eternally banned from Heaven and the New Earth paradise of God. That leaves them a lot of time for remorse and self-pity, but no more chance to repent... and no more hope of rescue.

  Have you finally caught up with the great Truth of our Universe? Why should we even care if you find the Truth?

  Because this day could turn out to be the very last day of your life! And if it should be so, the crucial question is this: Are you prepared to meet your Creator, if you should die tonight, or are you not? Do you know that Jesus Christ was actually God The Son... and that He will ultimately be either your Savior or your Judge?

  In this series of tracts, we have covered many subjects that have great importance in today’s world:

  We have considered the pervasive influence of the Myth Makers, the Dreamers, and the Deceivers; these are often writers, film-makers, or imagineers— and yet they are both artists and scientists. These many creative persons who do not know God or God’s Truth are the ones who have enveloped all the Earth with the products of the Great Science-Fiction Hoax. But it is God’s Adversary Satan, the Greatest of All Liars and Deceivers, who is behind the scenery, working to give these misconceptions a worldwide popularity.

  We have in these tracts considered the history of our home planet, the Earth. We have reflected upon the destructive impact of the Inevitable Progress Scam, and of its corollary, the Endless Evolution Error.

  In the course of reading the earlier tracts of this series, you have come to realize, I hope, that Evolution is a misconception, a fantasy scenario that is conceived without scientific objectivity.

  “Evolution” is an irrational and egotistical delusion that is worshiped by all of the evolutionists... and it should more properly be called “Evolutionism,” since it is actually a false religion that is not very different from “atheism” or “humanism” or “paganism.”

  All of the above “-isms” offer humanity an alternative explanation for Creation, and in every case it is an explanation which refuses to acknowledge the God of the Bible as the Creator of our Universe.

  In earlier tracts, we have considered even the techniques used by Satan as he employs his Science of Holocaust. You have been informed also of God’s own technique of reclamation— the salvaging device which we might call God’s Science of Transformation.

  In an earlier tract, we have dealt with the history of Europe, considering the rise of secular humanism as it spread outward through France and Germany. Beginning with the explosion of the French Enlightenment, it virtually destroyed the church in France. It was then propelled further, as the liberal theology movement in Germany eventually weakened the Christian churches throughout the world. The ultimate result of this philosophy of “Cosmic Optimism” was the ascendency of the Nazis in Germany. It was a direct cause for a major World War on our Earth, launched by the fascists against all those whom they considered weaker than themselves, and therefore less fit to survive. It thus led to the Nazi extermination of six and one-half million Jews. We saw the utter failure of their attempt to create an evolved “superman” from the human species.

  In a tract that is not part of this series [one that will be placed in our East Asia series], I have written extensively of my own youthful adulation for the Oriental supermen of China and Japan, and I there reflected and commented a little upon the Buddhist philosophy of “No Mind.” We have by studious endeavor learned that God’s Universe is not a Cyclical Universe, but rather a Linear Universe— one which has a definite Beginning and a definite Goal.

  Likewise, we have reflected also, in an earlier tract, upon the nature of real heroism. We then reached the conclusion that there have indeed been Real Superheros in the history of God’s Universe. These are genuine heros who are properly deserving of our respect and admiration, and who have nevertheless displayed supernatural powers and abilities which God Almighty saw fit to grant them.

  And now we have reached the subject-matter of today’s final lesson: The Science-Truth Solution.

  What is the Solution which our God is planning for this chaotic and much-troubled planet Earth, in which we now live?

  The Myth Makers and the Science-Fiction Writers have designed an Alternative Universe, and they have provided it with an Alternative Future which is nothing more than vain fantasy. Their prophecies are merely the offspring of their idle minds, fantastic dreams begot of nothing but vanity— more thin of substance than the wind.

  The proponents of the Great Science-Fiction Hoax have offered their own prophecies to the human race, and their proposals have been highly regarded by many persons on Earth. The hoaxers have disseminated their far-out myths throughout all the Earth.

  Billions of people on our Earth are currently subscribing to the nonsensical teachings of the New Age cults, and to false religions like Hinduism and Taoism and Buddhism. Billions more are evolutionary humanists who have become Science-Fiction Believers— dupes of the Great Science-Fiction Hoax.

  But our God is the God of Science Truth. So what is God’s True Plan for our Earth— what is God’s True Solution to the desperate conditions on our home planet, that distressed Earth in which we live?

  The Holy One of Heaven appeared once to us Earthlings as the sinless Son of God, Jesus Christ. His appearance on Earth was the most important event in human history, because it brought the Divine Intervention of God into the chaotic affairs of a sinful and fallen Earth.

  Through His crucifixion He brought a route to salvation for all humanity, because He died on that cross as a Perfect and Spotless sacrifice... the only kind of sacrifice that His Father in Heaven could accept. In His resurrection from the grave, Jesus has also brought humanity the hope of a glorious future world.

  If you were to die tonight — suddenly and unexpectedly — the Creator Whom you would suddenly find yourself facing is the same Triune God that was served by Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. He is the Holy One, the eternal Triune God of Heaven. He is a Superbeing Who includes Three Persons, One of Whom is God The Son. God The Son is the Divine Being Who was once embodied in the fragile human body of Jesus Christ. He was your Creator and the Creator of all the wide Universe.

  At the Day of Judgement — or at the time of bodily death — Jesus will be revealed to you as the Christ, God’s Son, the Holy One of God. If you have not already accepted Him as your Savior, you will then have to regard Him as your Judge.

  Each person will be held accountable for the actions of his own lifetime on Earth. It’s a rather scary prospect, if you don’t have the assurance of a faith in Jesus!

  Have you ever beheld the Divine Sunrise of Jesus entering your life? An encounter with Jesus Christ is a life-changing event which lets you meet and know the Sun of Righteousness. You will then see that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, the Sun of Righteousness... and God Almighty will, through His Holy Spirit, provide Light for many of the formerly dark areas of your mind.

  When God The Son first appeared to Saul, it was as he traveled on the road to Damascus. The Sun of Righteousness appeared to Saul as a brilliant Light which actually left him blind for a time. Saul asked this brilliant Being for His identity. He answered “I am Jesus, Whom you are persecuting.”

  That encounter with Jesus would forever change the life of Saul, and it would change the whole world as well. Saul became the apostle Paul, the first and greatest missionary of them all.

  If you accept Jesus Christ as the Light of the World, it will make drastic changes in your life as well. You will no longer serve the religion which is Evolutionism. You will no longer assist the Prince of Darkness in his efforts to deceive all the people of the Earth. You will instead start to serve the God of Heaven. And that’s not all.

  You will start to carry the Light of Jesus Christ to all the people of the Earth.

  God provides rescue for individual humans through the salvation that we receive in Jesus Christ, through His sacrifice on the cross, and through His resurrection. That is Good News! That is very Good News indeed!

  But God also provides rescue for the Earth as a total environment! The Garden of Eden was lost long ago, when sin entered the world, and Earth then became a “Fallen World.” It became a world of death and sickness and decay... a degenerating world.

  But it was not lost forever, because God plans to also resurrect— some day soon— that “Garden of Eden” environment in which He once walked closely with Adam and Eve.

  As He then came near the human inhabitants of Earth (all two of them) and walked and talked with His creations, so He will someday let their descendants live with Him and enjoy His Light, both in the New Jerusalem and in the New Earth that is yet to come!

  The Bible teaches that just as Noah’s world was destroyed by water, so the current world will someday be destroyed and replaced by God, Who will create for the saved remnant a “New Earth.”

  The old Earth will be destroyed again because, at the time of the Glorious Return of Christ, it will have become so monstrously evil and corrupt that is again like the immoral and evil world of Noah’s day. Jesus Christ Himself has predicted this, saying exactly that in Israel, almost two thousand years ago, when He was on the Earth in a normal human body.

  Jesus said that this is the future of our fallen world. The current Earth will be destroyed— when it happens the next time— not by water, but by fire. It will be disintegrated and a New Earth will be created in its place. This New Earth will be a reward for the saved remnant of the old Earth... many of whom died horribly as martyrs in the unhappy conditions of the old Earth.

  God plans a resurrection of the Earth in a glorious new Resurrection Form, and this is really great news for the people of our planet! A world of misery and distress will some day be exchanged for a new paradise!

  That’s why the Bible doesn’t really teach “the end of the world,” even though a lot of people try to claim that it is full of “doomsday prophecies.” It actually teaches us that we live in a “world without end,” even though the old Earth will someday be destroyed with fire and will be replaced by a freshly-created New Earth.

  The New Earth is very much like a resurrection of the pleasant living-conditions that existed for Adam and Eve in the first Paradise that God created!

  If you believe that the first chapters of Genesis, the ones that deal with Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood, are just a lot of fables and nonsense... or if you believe that Evolution created the Universe (through chance and vast amounts of time) rather than God... I would say that you are not very likely to live eternally in God’s Presence. Nor are you likely to ever see His second paradise... since you have never even believed that He was the all-powerful Lord over a first paradise!

  By following the Theory of Evolution you endorse the idea of a Universe that is constructed through chance and accident, and you say that this is a magic transformation that occurs with the assistance of vast quantities of time. You are supporting instead a system of pseudo-creation that I like to call “Unintelligent Design.”

  The “vast quantities of time” is a very necessary element in your equation, because it ensures that you have covered all tracks of anything that could remotely be called evidence for your proposition. Since you have no evidence to support your belief, you will insist that it was a transformation that came about gradually, over an unimaginable period of time... a period of time which is so lengthy that no human being who ever lived on Earth could ever see any real evidence of such a change!

  Such is the magic of your transformation process, which you assure us is much more logical than a miraculous Creation by an Almighty God!

  But it’s all smoke and mirrors! It’s just the carefully staged illusion of a Stage Magician!

  By supporting the concepts of Evolution, you deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, claiming that He could not have been the Creator of the Universe... even though the Bible teaches that He most definitely was such a being!

  Jesus Christ is quoted in Holy Scripture as stating many times His belief in the absolute truth of Bible stories about Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jonah... whom the Scripture says was swallowed by a great creature of the sea and ejected from it three days later!

  Although Jesus Christ, Who is the Word of God and the Absolute Truth, believed and corroborated the truthfulness of all the Holy Scriptures... the Evolutionists most certainly will not believe the Scriptures, nor will they believe in the truthfulness of Jesus Christ!

  The Evolutionist worships the Theory of Evolution only, rather than giving any real glory to Jesus Christ and the God Who is Creator of our Universe!

  In making His prophecies about the Last Days of Earth and the conditions before His Return, Jesus specifically tells us that the world will then be evil and corrupt “as in the days of Noah, before the Flood came.” He states that when people were not expecting it, the great Flood suddenly came and destroyed the world of Noah’s day.

  If you do not accept the Bible’s account in its record of the lives of Adam, Noah, and Jonah... then you are calling Jesus Christ a liar, or at least saying that He did not speak the Truth in the words of Holy Scripture! But it’s not too surprising when we hear an Evolutionist speak in this fashion, because the Evolutionist has confidence only in his own strange faith... which is a religion of Unbelief in God.

  The Evolutionist always says that he “believes” in Evolution, but what he really means is that he doesn’t believe in the Creator God of the Holy Bible! The Evolutionist, in every case, is actually a long-time unbeliever who has found a fancy label for his system of unbelief!

  If you cannot accept the basic idea that God created the Universe in a miraculous fashion, and you cannot believe that He created human beings “in His own image” as Adam and Eve, then it’s not surprising that you can’t accept the idea of Jonah being swallowed by a “great sea creature,” or the idea of a Jesus Who worked many miracles on Earth and Who was actually God The Son in human flesh!

  If you believe in the Theory of Evolution rather than the first sentence of Genesis, then evolution is your god rather than the God of the Bible. How can an Evolutionist ever conceive that Jesus is the Savior of Humanity, if he doesn’t conceive Jesus to have been Divine, an incarnation of God in a human form?

  If you can’t believe that God is Almighty and was fully capable of the miraculous Creation of His Universe... then why should you ever believe that God The Father in Heaven was able to work a creative miracle in the womb of the Virgin Mary?

  Your imaginary God is so weak that He could not create Adam without consuming millions of years and millions of deaths for the transformation-stages of the birthing process! So why would that imaginary God of yours be any more able to quickly transform the egg that was in the womb of the Virgin Mary? Shouldn’t it have taken a few million years more just to accomplish the miracle that allowed Mary to give birth to the Son of God?

  To be consistent, you should say that God The Father would not be able to engineer the transformation that brings forth the Son of God any more quickly than He could bring about the creation of Adam.

  The “scientific” theology student who claims to be a believer in “theistic evolution” is especially ridiculous, because he claims to believe that God The Father made “the second Adam” (Jesus Christ) very quickly! Yet the “theistic evolutionist” still insists that he is, and will forever remain, quite certain that God The Father required many millions of years for the creation of the first Adam!

  And in the next breath, this “theistic evolutionist” will tell you that he is a Christian and is a sincere believer in Jesus Christ.

  Is that the same Jesus Christ as the One in the Holy Bible... the divine and sinless Son of God, the Holy One, the Sun of Heaven? Is it the same Jesus Who said that He is One with the Father in Heaven and that He is actually the Creator of our Universe?

  If you can’t believe that God could miraculously create the entire Universe, you will not be able to believe the rest of the Bible either. How can you have any faith in God, if such is the case?

  You cannot be a devoted Christian while you at the same time believe and affirm that God was inadequate to the task of making the Universe quickly, in a miraculous fashion. Logically, you must then maintain also that God did not even have sufficient power to inhabit a human body (Jesus) for a certain term of years.

  Similarly, you must say likewise that God could not engineer the salvation of humanity, lacking adequate power to do so, in that brief time on Earth which was the visit of Jesus Christ... before He allowed His Son to return to a throne in Heaven!

  After all, Jesus did not require eons of time to bring about a salvation for humanity!

  Shouldn’t that have required vast amounts of time — maybe billions of years — just like Evolution’s creative scheme? No, Jesus brought salvation to humanity and Earth quite quickly, in his short human-bound lifetime... a period in Israel that only lasted for 33 years.

  It did not take eons of time for God to create Jesus of Nazareth, the God-Man Whom the Bible calls “the Second Adam.” The Divine Son of God, Jesus Christ, was born suddenly in Bethlehem of a young maiden who was still a virgin at the time of her delivery! It did not require eons of time for the Virgin Mary to deliver the infant Who was a God-Man. It did not require eons of time for the Holy Spirit, a Person of the Divine Trinity which is God, to conceive in Mary the child Whom the Bible would later call “the Second Adam.”

  I say to the world that I believe God Almighty was fully capable of creating the first Adam quickly and miraculously... just as He would later create the Second Adam (Jesus Christ) quickly and miraculously.

  As Jesus was born of a virgin, not in the normal manner of the world, but quickly and by the supernatural power of God... so also it must have been for the Creation of our Universe. I believe that Almighty God created our Universe quickly and miraculously. I believe that our Universe was made suddenly by the supernatural power of God.

  This feat of Creation did not require of God vast eons of time, nor did He employ such vast amounts of time in the creative process.

  A Christian believes the Bible, and the Bible says that death and disease came into our Universe only after Adam and Eve sinned, a point in time which we call the Fall of humanity. Death is there stated to be the result of human sin, and death is a new creation of God that was designed by Him as a punishment for the sin of Adam and Eve. In fact, even the ground of the Earth became cursed because of the sin of Adam and Eve!

  But the Theory of Evolution totally contradicts the Bible in this regard! The Theory of Evolution teaches us that death had already existed in the Universe for a period of time that was countless millions of years — at least — before the construction of anything that would even resemble a human being.

  In fact, the advocates of Evolution like to assume that countless generations of living things were also dying on the planets of other stars for a period of billions of years... long before the Earth and our solar system ever existed. That’s why they like to dream about alien creatures living on the distant planets of other stars!

  Once again, the Evolutionists wish to create a scenario which cannot be easily checked out, so that objective analysis is not easily available. They think that by setting up their proposal in this fashion, they are creating a situation in which they cannot be proven wrong. But it’s all smoke-and-mirrors... just a bit of trickery by an experienced Stage Magician.

  The “smoke” of Evolution is their idea that “vast eons of time” and mutations (over millions and billions of years) cause a magical transformation that creates the Universe. Time is the “smoke” of their illusion.

  When talking with a Creationist, the Evolutionist will maintain that “Our explanation requires countless millions of years for the magic of transformation to come about. Since you are just a human being who will only live for a hundred years or so... and since you are not omniscient... you can’t prove me wrong! So there! Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!”

  Time is the “smoke” of their illusion.

  Becoming aware of the fact that other stars might have planets on which life could also have arisen “through time and chance mutations,” the Evolutionists determined that countless generations of living things must have been dying on other planets too, over a period of billions of years... long before the Earth ever existed!

  So there would have to be alien creatures on the planets of some other stars, by their way of thinking.

  I would say that in the matter of the “evolution” of life on other planets, it is distance that makes their proposal seem reasonable for a minute or two. Distance is the “mirrors” part of their illusion.

  First they said that “vast amounts of time are required” for their magical transformation, and no one (they claim) will ever be able to prove them wrong. “It’s impossible to show you our evidence,” they claim, “because of the vast amounts of time that are involved.” The Evolutionists do something very similar when they insist that life has also been “evolving” (through many generations of death and accidental mutations) on the planets of other stars.

  But their gigantic Magic Show is all a big deception... just a Stage Magician’s wonder. They engineer their own “miracle” by cunning and secrecy, deluding many in the audience who are watching their magic show.

  When talking with a Creationist, the Evolutionist will say, “The Universe is countless billions of years old, and so living creatures have surely been evolving on many of the planets of other stars. These living creatures arise in the Universe, even on other planets, through countless generations of death and a multitude of chance mutations. Death did not come into the Universe because of human sin. In fact, the death of countless generations and a vast number of mutations are required just to create simple living creatures and the higher forms of life. This happens before the human species ever arrives on the scene.”

  The Evolutionist may pause for a moment at this point, in order that the naive Creationist may have a little time to contemplate the vast wisdom and higher-order thought process of an Evolutionist. It takes a lot of time to bring about this kind of miraculous development in the real world, so the Creationist will often remain unimpressed with his thinking.

  Then the Evolutionist will continue by saying:

  “You are not omniscient, and you cannot travel to another star’s planet to see what’s there or what’s not there. Even if you could travel to the planets of other stars, you could never check out every planet in such a wide Universe... so you can never prove me wrong! So there! Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!”

  It’s all smoke-and-mirrors. The Evolutionist is a stage magician who pretends he knows more than God while he is insisting, at the same time, that his opponent is not omniscient!

  But his talent for deceit and misdirection does not go over so well with a Bible-believing Christian. The Christian Creationist is not likely to be sucked into the delusion which has so easily swallowed the Evolutionist.

  “Evolution” is a monstrous misconception, a gigantic delusion that swallows up its adherents, one after another, and it rarely lets them go. It’s rather like the situation when a whale or some gigantic sea creature swallowed Jonah as he was running away from God. Except for the fact that this Monstrous Mutant of Evolution rarely spits out the human beings who are captured by the delusion and trapped inside.

  Those sucked into this Monstrous Delusion usually remain inside it for decades, tossed about in its chaos and securely trapped as the contents of its stomach. There is, for these lost souls, seldom any avenue of escape from the belly of the great Monster. Most human captives of this Hellish Conception will remain prisoners in its stomach until they finally die of old age, or whatever catastrophe befalls them.

  For the afterlife, their long-deluded spirits, when finally released from the stomach of the Monstrous Mutant of Evolution, will undoubtedly move on to a much larger trap for unbelievers... a dark chamber called Hell, where Satan (the great Deceiver of humanity) and his demons rule over the damned.

  But occasionally a victim of Evolution’s Mutated Monsters Perspective will be miraculously ejected from its stomach, and I know of one case in which this escape happened because of what was clearly a Divine Intervention.

  For that individual, the captive was brought a sudden rescue and a healing touch from the Holy Spirit of God. He was given the blessing of a rescue by Christ... a miraculous salvation that he really didn’t deserve. He escaped from the belly of the Monster that held him and was given a new lease on life. His lifetime on Earth was salvaged, as he was somehow spared from the destruction which was so clearly imminent. That person (suddenly seeing the light of the real world once again) soon became a fierce opponent of the propositions put forth in the theory of Unintelligent Design.

  That person is myself. I have sought to oppose the Theory of Mutated Monsters and the concept of Unintelligent Design in all of my writings, for more than 25 years now... ever since I first became a Believer in Jesus Christ and the Divine Trinity of the Bible. That happened on June 16, 1980, when I said a prayer to God as I sat in a library carrel on Guam.

  What did I say to Him? I asked God for salvation in His Son Jesus Christ. I asked Him for forgiveness of all my many sins... but especially for the sin of arrogance and pride.

  I knew that my former desire to have Godlike Powers and Godlike Omniscience was an evil wish, and was surely an abomination in God’s eyes. My arrogance had been much like that of Satan, who had fallen from Heaven in the sin of Pride.

  I also realized that the New Age religion I had recently been seeking to create, with its arrogant and irrational faith in Evolution, was also an abomination in God’s eyes. Humanism and Evolutionism, I suddenly perceived, were just variations on a theme— iterations of the Great Lie of Satan. I saw that Scientism was no better... it was just a worshiping of science and technology, allowing these idols to replace a holy reverence for the real Truth of God.

  I also prayed that I would begin to think with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and with the Mind of Christ. I believe that, over a period of many years, God granted me that wish, and I hope that I have accurately reflected the Truth of God in the many tracts and other writings that I have produced since 1980.

  Previously, I had been an ardent proponent of Evolutionism, and less than one year before, I had been writing in Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka... busily engaged in an effort to produce a New Age “holy scripture.” I had been working on that project even earlier, while visiting in other countries that included Japan and the Philippines. The New Age religion that I was seeking to create would primarily have exalted Evolutionism, perhaps bringing it to a new status as a major religion of the Earth. I was a genuine worshiper of the grand Theory.

  At that time, I believed (foolishly) that humanity’s overriding purpose in this Universe is Evolutionary Ascent, and that humanity is destined to move upward to new levels of Godlike Power and Godlike Omniscience.

  I actually believed that the human race would “evolve” for many more millennia, moving endlessly upward, and that our semi-human descendants would eventually “become God.” I somehow thought, in the depths of that delusion, that human beings would ceaselessly evolve and would in the distant future be transformed into the “God being” that the human race had once conceived, in its infancy, as a mere fantasy!

  You may be now asking yourself a critical question about my proposed New Age religion, this far-out new form of idolatry that I had conceived:

  How is this magical “transformation” of the human race to come about, bringing the descendants of humanity to a new status as the God of the very Universe that had produced them?

  By “smoke and mirrors,” of course! By “Evolution!”

  But then God opened my eyes to the Absolute Truth of the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible, and I suddenly perceived the utter irrationality of my Evolutionism.

  I came to realize that my own delusion was no different than the Lie that Satan had promised to Eve in the Garden of Eden: “Eat this fruit (i.e., believe in the Theory of Evolution), then your eyes will be opened... and you will be like God.”

  In other words, “Believe in Evolution, and worship it instead of God... then you will gain a great confidence in yourself, with the full certainty that you are destined for Godlike Powers and Godlike Knowledge!” That’s what the great Deceiver of humanity was saying to me. But I suddenly realized that it was all just a vain delusion... a great Lie from Satan.

  I myself am a person who has been ejected from the stomach of that Monstrous Mutant Creature which is a faith in Evolutionism. As a former Evolutionist, I have arrived on your shore with an important message for you... a message from your Creator.

  Even though I must appear rather ghastly to you in my present state (still drenched as I am in the stomach acid of that Monstrous Mutant sea creature which held me for many years), I must get down to business and tell you what I believe God wants you to hear.

  This is the message that I believe the Creator God, the only Lord of our Universe, wants you to hear: “Humanists, Evolutionists, and Theistic Evolutionists, you have long claimed to be part of the church of Jesus Christ. Stand up now and step forward. Come up to the front, stand before the other members of your church, and then let them all see you bow down to pray in humility before your Creator. What’s that? Oh, you’d rather stay in your seat, would you?

  “ Let the Light of Christ shine into the Darkness of your hearts... and what will you see there? You will see that pride and vanity and rebellion is at the core of your faith in Evolution. In the Light of Christ’s Truth you are publically exposed as arrogant sinners... brazen and egotistical beyond even the tolerance of angels!

  “Choose this day which faith you will serve! Will it be the religion of Evolution— Evolutionism— or will it be the faith of Jesus Christ and His Holy Scriptures? Choose this day which faith you will serve! If Baal (the god of the sun and stars) is your God, then follow him! But if the Lord God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus is your God, then follow Him!

  “You must repent of your idolatry and all your false religions, and you must start to fast in sackcloth and ashes, praying for God’s forgiveness! You must henceforth worship only the True God of Heaven! If you continue in your error, God’s judgment will soon come upon you, and all your grand cities will be destroyed!”

  Well, Jonah had to prophecy and preach for the citizens of Nineveh, and when they heard him, they actually did repent in sackcloth and ashes... and as a result, God did not destroy their city at that time. God then relented in His determination to destroy that wicked city, and the immediate judgment of Nineveh was (at least) postponed.

  I’m trying to pass on a similar message to all the Humanists and Evolutionists here in the United States and all over planet Earth. I hope and pray that it can have the same impact and the same result as Jonah’s preaching did, helping to at least delay the destruction of our cities.

  The reality is that the Evolutionist does not have any faith in the power of God. The everyday Evolutionist believes that God could not make the Universe suddenly and miraculously, if He exists at all, in a certainty that God is not omnipotent. The commonplace Evolutionist is usually convinced that God does not exist at all... since it is hard to conceive of any “alien being” having enough power to create a Universe.

  The “Theistic Evolutionist” is a little different. This kind of Evolutionist insists that he fully believes in Evolution, but claims that he also believes God created the Universe. He says that he believes God “created” the Universe through the process of Evolution. This kind of Evolutionist will insist that God is not omnipotent, so He actually chose to consume billions of years in the creation of His Universe, rather than performing His Creation feat quickly and miraculously.

  The Theistic Evolutionists say that God is not Almighty or Omnipotent, so He actually chose to watch billions of years go by before getting the accomplishment of His desire. Such a proposal totally contradicts the basic idea expressed in the first chapters of Genesis, which tell us that God merely has to speak His thought, and His desire will instantly come into existence.

  Yet God, they say, deliberately chose to sit and wait patiently for billions of years, watching countless generations of life die in a wasteful and destructive process that finally constructed the grand accomplishment which is a Human Being!

  The mind of an Evolutionist declares that human beings arose on Earth through a long process of death and destruction. Death did not come from the sin of human beings. Instead of human life coming suddenly from the God of Life, and death coming from the sin of Adam and Eve, they offer an alternative explanation. They insist Life has emerged from Death... that the existence of human beings on Earth has come about only through a long process of death and destruction.

  By time, chance, death, and the waste of many dead generations... the God of Evolution has created humanity. So say the Theistic Evolutionists.

  The Evolutionists try to make us believe that death did not come into the Universe because of human sin. The Evolutionists are certain that human sin did not precede the existence of death... and they maintain that there were countless generations of living creatures dying on Earth and other planets before humans ever walked this world!

  The Theistic Evolutionist will tell us that eons of time-and-chance could create humanity without any need for a creative miracle by God! Vast amounts of time, they say, plus a vast number of chance deviations, will ultimately produce a complex and orderly Universe!

  They laugh at the idea of a Young Earth and a Young Universe, saying that only the naive can still trust in the “primitive fables” of Genesis, in the “misquoted words” of Jesus Christ, or in the “symbolic dream” that is found in John’s Revelation Of Jesus Christ.

  Humanists and Evolutionists disavow the truthfulness of both Genesis (the first book of the Holy Bible) and Revelation (the last book of the Bible). In so doing, they reject the real origin of our Universe (which was made by and for God The Son) and it’s destiny, which is likewise designed by God The Son (Jesus Christ). They laugh at the idea of a God of Miracles, and so they also scoff at the notion that Jesus could be born of a virgin... or the belief that He could work many miracles during His long-ago visit to Israel.

  Isaac Asimov, for example, claimed to be an agnostic for much of his life, but eventually said that he had become so sure of the non-existence of God that he would admit to having become a flat-out atheist. That confession probably helped him keep his exalted position as a president of the American Humanist Association.

  But “Theistic Evolutionists” who claim to be Christians and followers of Jesus Christ are probably more dangerous and more insidious than the flat-out atheists. These deluded souls are commonplace today. Many of them are currently inside the churches, attending services occasionally or even regularly, and yet they are slaves to a worldview that is constantly seeking to undermine the authority of the Holy Scriptures of the Christian Bible.

  They are slaves to the Great Lie of Satan. I believe that Evolution is the “Great Lie” that was prophesied in Holy Scripture for the period of the Last Days. This “Great Lie of the Last Days” is in biblical prophecy declared to be a lie so evil... and so insidious... that “it would deceive, if that were possible, even the very Elect of God.”

  Is He a God of miracles, or is He not? The Evolutionists believe He is not, and most of them are eventually forced to conclude that He doesn’t exist at all.

  After all, they think, what kind of God could be... Omnipotent?

  I would respond, “A really powerful and smart One... like the God of the Bible. A Holy One Who is the God of Creation, like the Divine Person Who produced our Universe.”

  That’s the kind of God Who could do things suddenly and miraculously.


  You’ve heard the evolutionary explanation of Universal development for a great many years, with all of its elaborate details... ever since you were a child. You’ve surely encountered its advocates in every arena of the academic world and in every arena of everyday life. Its proponents are everywhere, and they have already proselytized much of the Earth. You are doubtless thoroughly accustomed to that way of thinking.

  But what is the Biblical scheme of Earth's history and direction...? It’s the alternative explanation that God has given us in His Holy Scriptures.

  A lot of people on our planet, even some Christian theologians, have tried to make the Bible compatible with their own evolutionary beliefs. But can that really be done? Such people reduce Biblical history to insignificance beside the enormity of their faith in the grand Theory of Evolution.

  The Bible paints a very different picture concerning the history and future destiny of the Earth, and it is quite at odds with the beliefs of those who have faith in Evolution.

  In the Holy Bible, God offers you a different and superior view of Earth’s development and its future fate. From the Holy Scriptures of the Bible we learn that Jesus Christ makes known to us the great secrets of the Universe— secrets not revealed on Earth from the time of Creation until the time of His arrival on our planet.

  Here’s the Truth about the Universe, its progress, and God’s ultimate goal for the human race... the establishment of a paradise that God plans for the people of the Earth...

  What is the Biblical scheme of Earth’s history and direction?

  It’s a long-range plan by which God will transform and re-populate the planet Earth...

  It's a vision of vast scope and mind-boggling predictions...

  God's developmental plan for our Universe is an astounding program of transformations ...!

  Here are 20 stages of ascent that should lead you to a genuine comprehension of your purpose and destiny in the Universe. These will help you to reach a higher level of consciousness, a lofty place where you will better understand of the history of the Earth and God’s goal for humanity...

  1. A theme of WARFARE runs through the many books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We see evidence of angelic warfare, of historic military warfare between God's chosen people and the ungodly nations.

  There are predictions of further warfare between the elect of Christ and the anti- Christian forces, and of a final great battle of Armageddon.

  SPIRITUAL WARFARE devastates this planet until Christ's Kingdom comes !

  2. A theme of APOCALYPTIC DESTRUCTION and RE-CREATION runs through the books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. We see this in the Genesis record of Noah and the Great Flood, and in the predictions of the Old Testament prophets.

  Jesus himself speaks of this in great detail as he is quoted in Mat. 24, Luke 17:24-37, and other places in the gospels. There are many such references in the epistles, and the final book, John's Revelation of Jesus Christ, is devoted almost exclusively to this subject.

  3. A theme of the SURVIVAL OF A REMNANT who are loyal to God runs through the many books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

  4. Rather than the Darwinian concept of "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" (meaning the strongest) in a scheme of evolution, God's system of development is quite different!

  God's plan is that there will be "DIVINE ELECTION" of all those who have chosen to accept His system of grace and mercy through Jesus Christ, and His plan calls for a "SURVIVAL OF THE LOYAL" instead.

  5. In this scheme which God Himself has formulated, it is not the STRONGEST who survive, but rather the SUBMISSIVE!

  (In this regard, it is certainly true that God can make the weak person become strong. But a person who is too strong and egotistical God may choose to crush, in order that he— or she— will be humbled and will become submissive to the will of God!)

  6. God is continuously harvesting the Earth as His ever-progressing plan of DIVINE SELECTION goes forward, through a wise and millennia-long program of evaluation— through interminable testing of people and a very lengthy developmental process of SELECTING and REJECTING.

  7. Thus, a theme of DIVINE SELECTION through a LONG-RANGE, millennia-spanning DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM becomes evident.

  8. This calls for a MAJOR SHIFT IN THE WORLD-VIEW that is held by any individual.

  It truly requires a COPERNICAN REVOLUTION IN THE MIND-SET of a human being.

  9. You must comprehend with an entirely new way of looking at the Universe— for to be among the redeemed, to be among the survivors who are granted eternal life with God, you must place JESUS CHRIST AT THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE, in the very place where once YOUR OWN EGO had ruled supreme!

  You need to put the Sun of Heaven inside your heart! Once He is there, He will illuminate your mind and all areas of the Universe with the bright Light of His Presence. His Light will be radiant in your face, in your life, and your actions. Just as Moses’ face was radiant after he was in the presence of God, the follower of Jesus reflects the brilliant Light of the Lord Christ! His Holy Spirit will be inside you forevermore, making you aware of His Lordship and His Truth... giving you eternal access to His Divine Wisdom.

  10. To be among the rescued, you must be a part of the Chosen Remnant of humanity that God will save from the Old Earth. A person must first become a believer of God, one who believes all God's words (His open communication to the human race), as revealed through Holy Scriptures and through God's only true Son, Jesus Christ.

  God will show us mercy and forgiveness of our sins only when we come to Him through the sacrificial death of His one true Son, Jesus. God has made provision for grace (leniency and forgiveness), but He offers it to us only via the substituted sacrifice of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

  11. Jesus has willingly agreed, already, to receive all your preordained punishment, in order that you may be spared from the Judgment fate— a destination in Hell. That punishment is what a person's sinfulness will otherwise deserve. . . and it will be found inescapable. . . at the great Judgment Day of God, when God will ultimately evaluate and judge the deeds of all souls.

  12. Any soul can be spared on the basis of God's own painful sacrifice, by a belief in the salvation God offers through His chosen Messiah, His only-begotten Son Jesus Christ.

  Those souls that are spared will be the ones that have opened the door of the heart and have allowed Jesus Christ to come inside. Through His Holy Spirit, He can take up residence inside you as the New Center of the Universe. . . as a brilliant light at the center of the spiritual "solar system." After that, everything in the Universe will revolve around God in an orderly and logical fashion. The progress of the Universe, and of God’s Plan for it, will from that time forward seem logical and orderly to your mind.

  13. Are you still living as the only focal point of an Earth-centered universe? It’s time for you to stop making this Earth the center of it all!

  Could a Christ-in Revolution change your mind-set. . . and establish instead the reality of a God-centered Universe?

  You can move away from humanism if you so desire, move on to a higher level where you worship the True God, the Creator of our Universe. Do you really believe that Man is the center of all things... the measure of all things? God is the One Who will ultimately measure and evaluate the deeds of every human being!

  You need to put the Sun of Heaven inside your heart. Jesus Christ is “the Sun of Righteousness,” and through His Holy Spirit, He can put some of His righteousness inside you. More importantly, God credits the follower of Jesus Christ with the Holiness and Righteousness of His Son. You need to place Him on the throne of your heart, declaring Him to be “the Sun King” of your life!

  14. The brilliant light of Jesus Christ can give you an "internal guidance system" for your heart. . . and this will provide orderly direction for the "planetary system" of your personal worldview.

  When you put Jesus on a throne in your heart, He provides a warm "sun" for that great void in your internal universe, and it will then burn continuously to dispel all the darkness/ coldness that would exist there without His presence. After that, you will have a logical "solar system" for all the interactive elements of your life.

  15. Those souls who are not to be spared on this basis (those who have rejected God's words, His truth, His light, and His sacrifice) will suffer eternal separation from God. They will be cast instead into what Jesus calls “the Outer Darkness.” They will be forced to endure an eternal separation from God and God's final achievement— the recreated Paradise that will then be revealed as His ultimate objective.

  This will be a NEW EARTH produced by God for all those persons whom He has rescued (or harvested) from the present world. God will populate it with those He has chosen through His millennia-long DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM of DIVINE SELECTION.

  16. This is God's final goal— His objective is to produce an entirely different world, a new and totally restructured world that will be vastly superior to this present world of distress and disorder, of countless evils and sin-produced chaos.

  It is certain that the NEW EARTH will be immensely more pleasant than this present one, which will eventually be rejected and replaced!

  17. You gain an Eternal Life with God when you put the Sun of Heaven in your heart. You can do this by placing Jesus Christ, Who in the Trinity of God created our Universe, upon a throne at the center of your heart! He deserves that position and that kind of respect. He was first God The Son, but when born in human flesh He became the only sinless and righteous person who ever lived. Yet He sacrificed Himself on a cross for your sake, taking all guilt and sins upon Himself— for you and for me, for all people everywhere— so that whoever wishes for salvation might be rescued from the due punishment of sins.

  18. If you will do this, you will gain a new contentment and peace as you accept God's organizational plan for the Universe. . . because you'll be letting God be the Ruler of All Things in this world. . . and in your own life.

  The Sun of Heaven will then reign in your life as the supreme Power that governs all things. The Bible calls Jesus Christ both “the Sun of Heaven” and “the Sun of Righteousness.” When you place Christ in your heart, He will lead you to a new life of righteousness. The Holy Spirit will start to rebuild you in the image of God, making you more like Jesus. You’ll become a brother (or sister) to Jesus Christ!

  19. All it really takes is a simple but sincere little prayer— one that you should make up in your own words. The prayer for deliverance and for God's leadership should come from your own heart!

  Some important elements that you might include are:

   1) your desire to turn away from the wrongness or evil of your past life, and your remorse over the sins of your previous life,

   2) your desire for God's forgiveness and mercy through the act of sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son (Jesus Christ),

   3) your desire to know God's leadership in your life,

   4) your desire to learn more of God's truth through Bible study,

   5) your desire to find fellowship with genuine believers.

   After accepting forgiveness through Jesus Christ, you must sincerely seek to turn away from evil, to the best of your ability; and you must further seek to gain knowledge of God's will through a diligent study of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. Also, you must not neglect to maintain a fellowship and communication with God through the device of daily prayer.

  20. This Sunday, don’t just worship the sun, like the followers of Baal, the Roman polytheists, and the pagans. You shouldn’t worship nature like the pantheists and the animists. The supernatural does exist, because God’s Spirit is above and behind the natural world... and superior to it. So don’t worship the sun and the stars like the naturalistic science advocates, the humanists, the evolutionists, and many of our modern-day science-fiction fans!

  Don’t go out to worship the sun and stars this Sunday. Instead, go out to a good Bible-believing church and worship the Holy One Who is the Sun of Heaven— Jesus Christ, Who is both the Son of God and God The Son. Jesus Christ is the Sun of Heaven, and He is the Light of the World!

  When you accept Jesus into your heart, His Light will transform your own mind and heart. Your purpose and goals will be changed, because you’ll want other people to learn about the good news of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. You’ll want to share the light, and you’ll want to worship the Sun of Heaven in a house of God!

  This Sunday, bless the Father in Heaven by honoring His Son, of Whom He is very proud.

  Jesus said of the people of God that "The kingdom of heaven is like a net that God has cast into the sea, and it gathers of every kind: When it is full, it will be pulled up on the shore, where they will sit down to sort the catch, and they will collect the good fish in baskets, but the bad things will be thrown away. This is the way it will be at the end of the world: The angels shall come forth, and they will separate the unrighteous persons from among those justified by God. . ."

                                                   Excerpt from the Book of Matthew, who was a constant

                                                   companion of Jesus and his devoted disciple [13:47-50].

  Jesus spoke of the people of God as being like a seed that is growing secretly, saying, "As for the kingdom of God, it is as if a person should cast seed into the ground; and then he sleeps, and he rises up night and day to see that the seed is springing forth and always growing up, although he knows not exactly how. The Earth is bringing forth fruit from itself; first the blade, then the ears of corn, and after that the fullness of the ears of corn. And when all the fruit of the Earth has come forth, immediately God will use the sickle to reap the fields, because the harvest-time has come."

                                                                             Excerpt from the book of Mark [4:26-29].

  It's also important for all of us to remember this:

  1) WE SPEAK TO GOD by our prayers.

  2) GOD SPEAKS TO US by the words of Holy Scripture.

  So we must try to read His words and His Book just as often as we possibly can!!

  God wants to bless you for all your long efforts to understand this very confusing and difficult Universe in which we live so let Him reward your search with the grace of His forgiveness and enlightenment!


Ken Street, a baptized follower of the Way.

Copyright 2005 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.

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