The Temple Of Miraculous Fire

       Tract #3 in the Truth For East Asia series

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"For The Far East Peoples Of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China — And Southeast Asia As Well!"


      High in the mountains of Nepal, there is a place called Muktinath, a site that is named for "the Lord of Salvation." Many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims go there to see "The Temple of Miraculous Fire."

      Strangely, these seekers don't know who "the Lord of Salvation" really is, nor do they understand the secret of Miraculous Fire...

      In 1979, I spent two months in Nepal. During November, I did the Pokhara-Muktinath Trek with my travel-buddy, a Swiss adventurer named Werner Baumgartner. Later, in December, we would also do the Everest Trek together.

      For the first trek, we hiked day after day— all day, every day— through the mountains of Nepal... until we finally reached our destination at Muktinath. There we saw the goal of this trek... a structure that was called "The Temple of Miraculous Fire." It was a rather ordinary old building which was situated on a mountaintop.

      In many ways, it was a very inspiring and impressive trip, but the "miraculous fire" that we found inside that temple at Muktinath was just a little bit disappointing. When the altar curtain was pulled back by a Buddhist monk, we were given a chance to see the big attraction— the miniature wonder that is contained inside this Nepalese temple.

      We saw then what this "Temple of Miraculous Fire" was all about. There was a tiny stream of water coming up through the ground, and it made a miniature waterfall behind that curtain. But there was more to it than that. An endless supply of natural gas was also gushing out of the ground, and it was kept lighted by the monks... so there was a flame of fire floating over the waterfall, one that seemed to burn eternally.

      That was the miracle of this temple, and its Hindu and Buddhist visitors are greatly impressed by this combination of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air... the four basic elements in their cosmogony.

      Imagine— a fire that floats on water— seemingly forever! Well, it is a rather unusual thing for a trekker to discover in this world, as you might guess.

      Six months later, I came to the Pacific Island of Guam, where I would be living and working for the next 5 years. Soon after I got there, I became a genuine believer in Jesus Christ, and finally I became a diligent student of the Bible.

      My arrival on the isle of Guam and the subsequent spiritual transformation in my own life brought me to a new comprehension. I understood then that "miraculous fire" becomes a reality for a human being when God puts His Holy Spirit into a believer. 1 This comes only through faith and a prayer to Jesus Christ. Then the human being is blessed with Light and becomes a temple for God's Holy Spirit.2 Amazing as it may sound, a mere human being is able to become a "Temple of Miraculous Fire." The fire of God's Holy Spirit will then burn in you eternally! 3

      And what is more, Jesus Christ will also give you an endless supply of "living water,"4 which will become in you a spring of Eternal Life. 5

      When you receive forgiveness through a recognition of God's sacrifice in Jesus Christ, your sins are covered over by the blood of Jesus, making you appear virtuous and blameless in the eyes of God! As you become a believer in Christ, God credits you with the righteousness of His Son Jesus— even though you don't deserve it!

      This is the awesome Truth that God Himself has revealed to us. We are taught this Truth by Jesus Christ Himself in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. It's a wondrous transformation that even utilizes the traditional elements of Earth, Fire, and Water— as God Almighty turns a simple human being into a Temple of Miraculous Fire! Here's how God does it...

      Earth— Your human body is like a vessel made of clay, formed by God from the dust of the Earth, and it is just a temporary residence for your soul, but God can transform it into a sacred temple for His Holy Spirit.

      Air— You've had that inside you all along! God put the breath of Life into you when you were first conceived. You must realize that you've been breathing quite regularly ever since the day you were born. Without God's willing it, you could not inhale even one more breath! Yet God will give you something even better than Air— He gives you His promise that you can someday rise above the atmosphere of Earth and know an existence in a higher realm! It's a new level that He has created for those climbers who will see an Eternal Life in the Heaven of God. It's reserved only for those whom He has justified... and how does Air help you gain this blessing?

      Air is the crucial element that allows any human to be transformed into a Temple of Miraculous Fire...! It is the catalyst in the transmutation. You may wonder or ask, "Why is this so?"

      With your heart you believe in the Son of God, and with your mouth you declare your faith before the eyes of God. You use the air in your lungs to declare that Jesus is Lord... and after that your life will be spiritually "on fire" as you pursue the goals of Jesus and the kingdom of God!

      This is how any human being can use Air and the grace of Jesus Christ to become a sacred and blessed Temple of Miraculous Fire...!

      Fire and Water— These elements are supplied by God Himself, Who places them inside your body as He blesses you with His justification and salvation by grace... a free gift from the Holy One Who created you!

      Your transformed human body can afterwards be quite accurately described as a "Temple of Miraculous Fire," because it holds within itself BOTH the perpetual flame of the Holy Spirit AND the internal spring of the Water of Life... which will bring you and many others into the Kingdom of Heaven.

      As a believer in Jesus Christ, you will receive TWO important gifts from God. You are given the FIRE of His Holy Spirit, which will burn inside you forever. You are also given a drink of the Water of Life, and this becomes a WELLSPRING inside you which will give you an Eternal Lifetime in the presence of God.

      The Christian believers of our Earth are all engaged in a great and wonderful Journey to the East... the long trek to a New Beginning and a New Earth. 6 I hope you'll join us.

      Our army is still growing, and we are looking for new recruits. That's a good thing, because it's what Jesus wants us to do. And as the Romanian pastor Richard Wurmbrand has stated in his book Reaching Toward The Heights : "If we become a larger party climbing together, we may succeed better."

      I became a believer in 1980, right after I settled down for a while on the island of Guam. I didn't know it, but my Swiss pal Werner also became a believer in Christ during this same year, by an independent route.

      My trekking friend Werner, having previously climbed mountains in the Swiss Alps and in the Himalayas, just wanted to climb one last mountain before he settled down to a more ordinary life back home in Switzerland. His last stop would be in Egypt, and while there he decided to go climb Mount Sinai, which is believed by many to be the very same place where Moses had long ago received the Commandments of God. The sacred mountain where Moses had earlier seen a miraculous fire 7 — a burning bush from which came the voice of God— later became a mountaintop where Moses received the gift of the Ten Commandments.

      Werner went to the top of Mount Sinai, taking a Bible along with him, and he sat down to read it when he had reached the top. He read the Scriptures and prayed to God, and he was transformed by the power of God's Holy Spirit. He became a True Believer of Jesus Christ.

      When he came down from that perch on Mount Sinai, my good pal Werner had made Jesus his Lord, and he was a follower of the Way. His body had become a temple for the Miraculous Fire of God's Holy Spirit. This is an amazing thing to conceive.

      I would learn in one of his letters that Werner eventually studied theology at a Bible College in Switzerland. My old trekking buddy, the friendly baker from Switzerland, the pal with whom I had traveled so extensively during our globetrotting days... this same man ended up becoming an evangelical pastor for the Reformed Free Church in Switzerland. He also became a missionary evangelist, working to this very day as a "church planter" in the rural areas of his native country.

      My friend Werner is a very fine example of the transforming power of God's Holy Spirit, and yet there are countless other examples among the many generations of humanity that have lived on Earth since the birth of Jesus Christ. Fuel yourself with the Word of God and His Holy Spirit, and people will come from kilometers away just to watch you burn!

      It is no surprise that we both became true believers and followers of Jesus Christ just as we finished up our time of adventures. We had both traveled for many months inside a great many countries of this world, and we could both see how much this Earth is in need of God's Son.

      By the grace of God and the power of His Holy Son, both Werner and I were allowed to become living temples for the Miraculous Fire of God's Holy Spirit. We were transformed through a faith in Jesus Christ, the Only True Son of God.

      I became a believer because I know Jesus Christ is our Gateway to the Truth of God.8 He is the Guardian of God's Absolutes, and He is the Announcer of God's Truth! 9 When we see His face, we can see the face of the loving Father in Heaven.10 When we hear His words, we hear the Truth about Heaven and Earth.11 The voice of Jesus Christ is the voice of God. Clothed in perfect righteousness and purity, He is eternally the Son of God. 12

      Jesus is the final destination of all seekers, the Holy One Who is the only source of Truth and enlightenment. He is the goal of your lifetime quest, and He is also the final goal of humanity's great Journey To The East. He is the Source of the New Beginning 13 ... the Divine Light Who will bring to Earth the Renewal of All Things.14

      The Devil has too many children already, but the Father in Heaven could use some more. If you become a child of God, you'll be proud to declare that you have become a member of His Family... and a brother to Jesus Christ! 15

      You too can become a temple of Miraculous Fire!

      Will you believe in Jesus and receive the Water of Life 16 which He offers to you?

      It's your only reliable means of rebirth!

      The Source of Life is not, as the Hindus think, the water of the River Ganges. The Source of real Life is Jesus Christ, Who can give you an Eternal Life with God. 17

      Jesus Christ declared that He existed even before Abraham. "Before Abraham was born, I AM." 18 He insisted that He is united with God The Father, saying, "I and the Father are One."19 If you wish to know the nature of God, you need only study the face of Jesus, Who reveals for humanity the personality of His Father. 20

      Jesus declared, "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life."21 No person comes to God The Father except through Him. 22

      Jesus is the Door to Heaven 23 and He is also the only route by which humans may enter the presence of the Almighty God, Who is our Father in Heaven above. He is the Gateway to Enlightenment, the means by which we humans are able to receive the Holy Spirit of God.

      Jesus Christ is the great Truth of our Universe and He is the Light 24 of our Universe. He shows us the Way to God, the path by which we may reach the Higher Realm of His Father.

      Jesus says He is the Way, and it's the only route that works. More than one and one-half billion people world-wide now recognize the Divinity of this Holy Person Who came to Earth for the salvation of humanity.

      You have sought the Truth for many years, for all of your lifetime on Earth...

      Now you have heard the Truth of Jesus Christ, and you have been shown the Way to the Light of the Universe.

      Jesus is the Light of the World,25 and He can illuminate a dark and evil world that surrounds you, showing you the right way to go. He can be a light for your path and a lamp to your feet. He is Divine, and He is the Truth, the Word of God.

      How can you get the Truth of God into your heart? Just ask that God Who is the Father of Jesus Christ will place His Holy Spirit inside you and give you understanding of the Holy Scriptures in the Bible. You will then see Jesus as what He truly is: the Divine and Ever-Holy Son of God.

      You gain Eternal Life with God by placing Jesus Christ, Who in the Trinity of God created our Universe, upon a throne at the center of your heart! He deserves that position and that kind of respect. He was first God The Son, but when born in human flesh He became the only sinless and righteous person who ever lived. Yet He has sacrificed Himself on a cross for your sake, taking all guilt and sins upon Himself— for you and for me, and for all people everywhere on Earth— that whoever wishes for salvation may be rescued from the due punishment of sins.

      If you will do this, you will gain a new contentment and peace as you accept God's organizational plan for the Universe . . . because you'll be letting God be the Ruler of All Things in this world . . . and in your own life.

      All it really takes is a simple but sincere little prayer— one that you should make up in your own words. The prayer for deliverance and for God's leadership should come from your own heart!

      Some important elements that you might include are:

      1) your desire to turn away from the wrongness or evil of your past life, and your remorse over the sins of your previous life,

      2) your desire for God's forgiveness and mercy through the act of sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son (Jesus Christ),

      3) your desire to know God's leadership in your life,

      4) your desire to learn more of God's truth through Bible study,

      5) your desire to find fellowship with genuine believers.

      When you're saved, you'll know Jesus is King of the Universe and the Lord of your life. You'll know the three faces of God Almighty: God The Father, God The Son, and God The Spirit.

      His Holy Light will start to be visible in your own face and actions!

      Jesus said of the people of God that "The kingdom of heaven is like a net that God has cast into the sea, and it gathers of every kind: When it is full, it will be pulled up on the shore, where they will sit down to sort the catch, and they will collect the good fish in baskets, but the bad things will be thrown away. This is the way it will be at the end of the world: The angels shall come forth, and they will separate the unrighteous persons from among those justified by God . . ."

      Excerpt from the book of Matthew, who was a constant companion of Jesus and his devoted disciple [13:47-50]

      Jesus spoke of the people of God as being like a seed that is growing secretly, saying, "As for the kingdom of God, it is as if a person should cast seed into the ground; and then he sleeps, and he rises up night and day to see that the seed is springing forth and always growing up, although he knows not exactly how. The Earth is bringing forth fruit from itself; first the blade, then the ears of corn, and after that the fullness of the ears of corn. And when all the fruit of the Earth has come forth, immediately God will use the sickle to reap the fields, because the harvest-time has come."

      Excerpt from the book of Mark [4:26-29]

      It's also important for all of us to remember this:

      1) WE SPEAK TO GOD by our prayers.

      2) GOD SPEAKS TO US by the words of Holy Scripture.

      So we must try to read His words and His Book just as often as we possibly can!!

      God wants to bless you for all your long efforts to understand this very confusing and difficult Universe in which we live— so let Him reward your search with the grace of His forgiveness and enlightenment!

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Ken Street, a baptized follower of the Way.

Copyright 2006 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.

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