Cosmic Warfare And The Chosen Few

          Tract #5 in the Godly Warfare series

          written by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.

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   On Veteran’s Day during a recent year in the United States, I learned something new about the history of human warfare, something that I found quite thought-provoking. I’d like to share my discovery with you in this tract.

   On that not-so-long-ago day of Remembrance, I for the first time learned a lot of details about one of the major battles of the Korean War. It all related to a vicious conflict that had occurred on a field of extraordinary hardship, an episode of war which is called the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. It was revealed to me as clearly a time of great suffering and heroic endurance for all the idealistic American and Allied soldiers of that battle, who had gone to Korea and fought so valiantly to win the freedom of South Korea.

   This episode of warfare is currently regarded by many of our military historians to have been the hardest battle ever fought in all of our world’s history. It is reported to have been probably the most difficult battle ever fought on the planet Earth, at least by the appraisal of most of our American students of military history.

   It is frequently called “the most savage battle in the history of modern warfare.” The episode of American history that is now known to us as the Battle of Chosin Reservoir is an incident that occurred in 1950, amid the vicissitudes of the Korean War. The environmental conditions on that field were fierce... more terrible than I can even imagine. It was one of the coldest nights ever in the history of Korea. The air of their world, in that faraway location, was cold in the most extreme way.

   It was worse, I think, than the time George Washington and his troops had spent at Valley Forge. There the winter cold had been a shockingly severe hardship for all of the general’s troops, as they persevered and sought to gain a victory in the American Revolutionary War.

   I know that it was far, far worse than the cold of that one night I spent at Lobuche, Nepal, atop the mountains that are the Himalayas. Then I had tried without much success to fall sleep at an altitude of 16,150 feet, shivering repeatedly from the intense cold. It was the coldest night that I myself had ever experienced, in that icy-breathed month of December 1979... and I had gotten sick during that night, coming down with a case of Altitude Sickness at that particular point in my journey.

   Perhaps it was even worse than the night on Mount Everest when Dr. Beck Weathers had nearly frozen to death. The good doctor had almost died on Everest, like so many other victims of the mountain. Miyolangsangma, that icy siren who lures humans to its top... where she sits enthroned as the demon-goddess of Everest, must have been laughing at him. That night Beck Weathers had survived, even though he lost his hands and his nose to frostbite. Weathers had survived Everest, but only after amputations were completed; he would afterward be a walking casualty of that battle with Everest.

   There were similar casualties among those soldiers who survived Chosin Reservoir, even though a number had made it back to the United States.

   The small group of Allied soldiers who survived the freezing conditions of that combat are honored veterans who now call themselves “the Chosin Few.” Many U.S. soldiers and Allied troops did not survive the fierce conditions of that episode in the conflict of the Korean War... but a remnant had made it to safety. The story of their heroic endurance in the intensely hostile environment of the Battle at Chosin Reservoir is an account that could easily bring a patriot to tears.

   One is saddened to realize that good men must sometimes go through such an awesome amount of suffering and torment in our world. But at the same time, one is amazed and inspired to know that some of them have shown the strength of will to remain faithful to Christ... and to battle courageously for what is Right... even in such horrid conditions as that.

   The Battle of Chosin Reservoir placed a mere 15,000 Allied ground troops against 120,000 Chinese troops that were in the ten divisions of the opposing force. The Chinese soldiers, alongside the North Korean troops, planned to wipe out the Allies, killing every one, down to the very last man. It looked like they would be able to do so. The Chinese officers told their troops to utterly annihilate the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Army, and all of the Allied soldiers, instructing the Chinese soldiers that they should kill the enemy like you would kill a snake in your house.

   The outlook at this moment was not very bright for the U.S. Army troops and the U.S. Marines, nor for the Allied soldiers who were derived from the 21 other member countries of the force representing the United Nations.

   The night of the Chinese assault was the coldest night on record in Korea, getting down to 48 degrees below zero. The American and Allied soldiers found themselves in 3 to 4 feet of snow, so they could hear the feet of the Chinese troops crunching on the snow as they were coming up to get them. Veterans say it was a real nightmare. When that sun went down, it got dark, and the Allies knew just what was coming: The Chinese troops were coming in to get them. It looked like the Allies could be wiped out, down to the very last man.

   One vet says, “You could hear the screams in the night, and you knew somebody was getting bayoneted, and you couldn’t tell whether it was them or us.” Another says that this was his first battle, and to see so many of our guys dead— and even arms and legs breaking off in the freezing cold— it was terrible. He thinks he cried because it was so bad.

   The good thing about it, they figured, was that their wounded wouldn’t bleed to death as easily, because the wounded men’s blood would freeze rapidly in the intense cold...

   They were scared, and they knew the guys around them were scared too, but they knew they couldn’t let each other down. Later, one survivor would claim that this was probably the greatest bunch of men that he’d ever been around in his life. Another says that as long as he’s alive, he doesn’t want it to be forgotten. The Allied soldiers served their countries with honor and distinction.

   Ironically, many people back home were inclined to denigrate the Korean War as merely “a police action.” Some folk had referred to it for many years afterward as “the Forgotten War,” even though 54,000 people on the Allied side had died there in a determined resistance against Marxist imperialism. The vets who served in the Korean War know that they saved a nation from tyranny. There are more than 40 million South Koreans who are free today because they did it.

   Today there are 100% of the South Korean people who are able to enjoy democratic liberty, and about 35% or more of their population is now Christian— that’s the highest portion among all the nations of the Orient. The forces of Marxist atheism did not succeed in their efforts to conquer the more than 40 million people in South Korea. Many in that population have not only political freedom, but freedom in Christ— what Martin Luther called “Christian liberty” and “the liberty of a Christian.”

   It’s all a result of the heroic actions of our military during the Korean War, with a little help from some influential Presbyterian missionaries. These, however, had already traveled from the U.S. to Korea at a much earlier date, during the century of the 1800's.

   Some of those Allied soldiers probably realized that they were fighting the forces of Satan, as they carried on their struggle against the Dark Side, but I suspect that many of them never understood how totally they were involved in a war of Good versus Evil.

   When it was over, out of the 15,000 Allied troops involved in the battle, more than 3,000 had died. One vet says that in his particular platoon, there were only 3 who were still standing when he finally left Korea. Six thousand were wounded, and thousands of others suffered a severe case of frostbite. This left many of the veterans disabled and afflicted with multiple amputations.

   Yet as another vet has said, "It's just amazing that anybody at all walked out of there without any wound and without being killed.”

   Indeed, the fact that they were not wiped out to a man makes for a strange kind of victory, since their atheist enemies so greatly outnumbered them. It could easily have been a massacre instead. The protection provided for them seems of Divine origin.

   It even reminds one just a bit of the way in which God gave miraculous protection to the army of Israel and to His Chosen People, as Joshua led his powerful force against the pagan armies that surrounded him, penetrating deep into the enemy territory. The ancient army of Joshua served as the Hand of God’s Wrath against the abominable pagans in that area. But our Allied force in Korea had sought only to preserve human liberty, to allow a region to remain free of Marxist tyranny and Satanic atheism.

   When the Battle of Chosin Reservoir was finally over, the American soldiers and the Allied troops started to gather up their wounded, the ones who were still alive, and the corpses of the dead. They saw then the extreme cost of their fight for freedom.

   The troops wanted to take most of their dead out with them, so they started lifting the dead bodies and tying them to the fenders and to the hoods of the trucks. By this time, all of the bodies were thoroughly frozen. Some of them began to actually began to break off arms and legs as they were being lifted to the trucks. The bodies would just break apart.

   One vet says that he helped these guys that had to do that job. He remembers seeing three corpses sitting together, and says he could swear that they were praying when they froze to death.

   He says, “And we picked them up, and brought them out and put them on the truck. That was... that was bad.”

   It was a shock for him to see all these many men, who were dead soldiers and Marines, reduced to frozen corpses and broken fragments. These were good men who had died horribly, soldiers of valor who had fought on the side of Right.

   But it is not the only such case on record, and this is not really so surprising an occurrence. The historical record of Earth shows that some Christian victims of the U.S.S.R. died in similarly bizarre conditions. There was a group of Christians who were taken outside of one Marxist prison for their execution, where they were all stripped naked and forced to freeze to death in the extreme cold of the outdoor environment of Siberia.

   The Marxist officer who was put in charge of the execution was forced to watch them slowly die by freezing, but he was amazed to see them singing Christian hymns together as they died. The officer was so moved by the faith of these Christian martyrs that he later recanted of his Marxism and became a Christian himself.

   It’s not at all surprising that Christian soldiers should die while praying to their God. It’s an honor to have served with such men, and we should always remember their example.

   The Battle of Chosin Reservoir demonstrates the vast and horrible scale of the Cosmic Warfare that is going on all over our planet, year after year, through all the centuries of human history.

   And it sets an admirable example for all of us who claim to be “Christian soldiers” in the modern world.

   The American and Allied soldiers there in Korea were fighting in defense of God-given Freedom. They did this so that some of the people on the Korean peninsula— a remnant at least— would end up not being enslaved and tormented by an intolerant and totalitarian dictatorship. The North Korean Marxists and the Chinese Communists who assisted them were adherents of a secular and “anti-God” religion, a religion that came straight from Satan.

   The Communist faith called for the destruction and removal of all other religious beliefs. In the iron grip of fanatical Korean Marxists, every other religious view would be quickly suppressed or eliminated. If the Marxist Communists got control of the entire peninsula, then no one would be safe from totalitarian abuse— least of all the believers of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

   Communist rule would be especially injurious to Korean Christians in the North and South regions of the peninsula, because their religion would be instantly outlawed. Everyone who refused to recant the Christian faith would be immediately imprisoned, tortured, and rapidly executed.

   Why would a “secular” thought-system be so antagonistic, so hostile toward any sign of religious belief? Only because it was itself a religion! The North Korean soldiers, like the Chinese soldiers who were allied with them, already nourished a very powerful and exclusive faith of their own: Fanatical Communism. The Communists allowed an individual to have belief only in the religion of Marxism.

   Marxist Communism is a totalitarian and anti-Christ religion that makes every possible effort to eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth. Today there are some other religious cults in our world that are equally anti-Christ, and equally determined to exterminate what they consider to be the “heresy” of Christianity.

   As I considered the situation of the soldiers who fought in the Korean Conflict, I started to conceive those American soldiers in Korea as even greater heros than I had before imagined. I realized that they can be better viewed as Christian soldiers and martyrs in the war against the armies of Satan.

   The American and Allied soldiers, in the case of this Korean combat, fought on the side of Righteousness against the Forces of Evil in our world, even though some of the combatants may not have clearly seen or recognized that fact at the time. Many of them already knew this to be true, and they were correct in the assumption. It was indeed a simple case of black and white, Good versus Evil.

   They were indeed “the Chosen Few,” the individuals chosen by God to assist Him in the battle against Evil. They were fighting against Satan, who has waged a millennia-long War Against God, in defense of the Truth of God. The “Chosen Few” were not merely the Americans who survived this battle, but all those soldiers who fought against the Marxist Communists during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

   All of the Christian soldiers who were involved in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir— even the ones who were not survivors, the ones that died on that frozen battlefield in Korea— were loyal warriors on God’s team and may be seen as “The Chosen Few” of God. They were all chosen by God to fight on behalf of Righteousness and religious liberty... even though they had to do so in a foreign land.

   In a similar way, the Christian soldiers of our modern-day Earth are a war-weary population that has suffered much grief and lots of physical abuse. They may even feel that they have had little success on this planet. But they are nevertheless the chosen remnant of God... the few and the humble. The ones hand-picked by God Himself, chosen by the Hand of God.

   They are the ones who will ultimately survive this world’s combat... and make it all the way to the new Kingdom of God.

   Let us next examine the facts of world history, and we will then see just why this is so.

   What is the nature of all this Cosmic Warfare that we see around us— this Universal conflict which devastates the Earth and the lives of its inhabitants?

   I would say that there have been two major religions, one Good and one Evil, that have dominated all of world history since the days of Adam and Eve. These two faiths are constantly engaged in a violent warfare that shakes the whole Earth, a Cosmic Warfare that tears apart the world and does endless injury to the inhabitants of our planet.

   On the one hand is the faith of the God-Followers, and on the other is the religion of Rebellion... the religion of the Great Lie. The Great Lie Religion is the one which Satan himself has founded, and it has branched out in many directions over the centuries of Earth’s history. The religion of Satan became the religion of Babylon, and it was an evolutionary religion. This was transformed into a variety of false religions, such as that of Hinduism and the mythology of ancient Greece.

   Hinduism is basically the worship of millions of false gods and demons, and the later Buddhists and Greeks and Romans developed their own pantheons of devils and false gods, which were all worshiped in a similar fashion. Miyolangsangma, the devilish goddess of Mount Everest, was conceived in this same manner, and she caused a great many humans to fall dead as her frozen victims while they sought to conquer her mountain.

   Misrepresentations of reality and of God came to abound on the Earth, and these abide, staying with us throughout the centuries. In the 21st century, we are seeing a huge increase in the practice of a witchcraft religion, especially in England and the United States. The Harry Potter novels have been exported from Britain and have overwhelmed our nation of America, finding an audience of children and adults who are eager to declare the virtues of witchcraft and of vain imaginings. This phenomenon has stimulated a passionate interest in witchcraft among the teenagers in the United States, and it is reported to be the fastest-growing religion of all those in the world.

   The Lord God of Israel, having declared in the Holy Scripture of our Bible that He is a Holy One Who hates witchcraft, must now be weeping as He looks down on this sight from Heaven. In the form of Jesus Christ, He had warned Earthlings that it would be far better for a person to have a giant mill-stone hung around his neck and that he be drowned in the ocean, rather than leading one of His little children astray.

   When a devotee carries out rituals of worship for a plethora of gods and mini-gods, as in the cases of Hinduism and Buddhism, as in the cases of the primitive religions of Africa and Australia and the Philippines, it is a sign of devotion to Satan— to him, to his armies of demons, and to the Great Lie of his evolutionary religion. That is the nature of the Satanic Religion. Eventually it transformed itself into the Humanism of the French Enlightenment and the German Enlightenment periods. Afterwards it was transformed yet again, becoming the Evolutionism of Charles Darwin, of Adolf Hitler, and of Karl Marx.

   If you have any doubts that the religion of Satan was the powerful force that initiated all the warfare of the Nazis and the Marxist Communists, they can be easily dispelled. Just take a long look into two of the most shocking books ever written on the face of our Earth: 1) The Twisted Cross by Joseph J. Carr, and 2) Marx And Satan, written by Richard Wurmbrand. These two books thoroughly document the evidence of Satanic influence on the lives of Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx, both of whom were involved with the occult. Both of these antichrists devised an organizational structure that was filled with occult power, and they raised vast armies for the practice of their pseudo-faiths.

   Each of these demon-possessed men, both Hitler and Marx, persuaded a vast number of individuals to follow in the practice of the Satanic Religion. An anointing from Satan was upon each man. Huge numbers of people thus became entranced by their speeches and by their written proclamations... for they also produced historical documents as a testament of their own devilish “faith,” works intended to serve as an unholy “scripture” for all the devoted followers of the cults that they inspired.

   The Chinese Communist warriors of the Chosin Reservoir were merely an extension of this Satanic religion... a further incursion of demons into the world of the Twentieth Century. The demons of Hell found many suitable hosts among the Marxist Communists of China and North Korea.

   Naziism, Fascism, and Marxism are merely new faces for the Great Lie Religion, the faith of Satan. The New Age cults of our modern day are yet another representation of the Satanic religion. Now there are countless millions of human beings who are devoted followers of the Great Lie Religion, the religion of Babylon. They are not children of God; rather, they are the soldiers of Satan. They are disciples of their own father, who is the Father of Lies.

   It’s not a pleasant job, but someone has to do it. There are hostile forces that seek to destroy humanity. There is a massive enemy army arrayed against us, and it is composed of both demons and the many human followers of the Dark Lord... Satan, who is the Prince of Darkness and, as Jesus said, “the ruler of this world.”

   This enemy army would like to see everyone on Earth under Satan’s authority, to be forever slaves of his evil empire. Satan and his demons wish to see everyone on Earth dominated in the present time period, and they wish for everyone on Earth to ultimately join them in the Hellish fire that God has prepared for Satan, the fallen angels, and all the demons and devils that have plagued this Earth during the millennia of its history.

   But we are the Christian soldiers of this Fallen World, and we stand against them in the Name of the Most High God!

   We are the soldiers of Christ, the heros of God The Father, and His Son Jesus counts us as His brothers-in-arms. We are the pride and joy of the Father in Heaven, Who is our Lord and King. We fight till the End in the Name of Christ, and we do not surrender to the powers of Darkness.

   Though Satan’s forces may maim and murder vast numbers of our comrades, we will never know a defeat by the Satanic Forces of this Earth. Our brethren may some day find our dead corpses frozen solid in a position of prayer— as happened already in hostile weather conditions for the battle at Chosen Reservoir— right in the middle of a vast carnage which is the Devil’s work. But our fight is not in vain, and our sacrifice will be rewarded by the Lord of Heaven.

   If we are killed for our belief in God, we will die as we are still praying for salvation... knowing that the ultimate victory will belong to our God, Who is Lord and King of all the wide Universe!

   Our Christ is the Hope of Humanity and the Rescuer of His followers. He will not fail us, but will get us safely to His Heaven... and to the New Earth that He has designed for us!

   Our God ordained once that an evil world would be destroyed by water, and only Noah and his family survived that flood. Now it seems that His Enemy, Satan, is seeking to destroy the whole Earth with the fires of Hell.

   If we are forced to step into that fiery furnace, we shall do so in the confidence that our God is fully able to rescue us from that fierce fire.

   But even if our God chooses not to rescue us from the fiery furnace, let it be known that we will never bow down to the false gods of Satan, nor to any of the devils that serve him!

   So said Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, on that day, long ago, when they were forced to step inside the Fiery Furnace.

   So say the Christian soldiers of today.

   In this time of Cosmic Warfare, we are the Chosen Few.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

   God’s Remnant is an army of loyal soldiers that survives all this supernatural warfare, and this group of humans will comprise a Special Forces team that is the apple of God's eye. These soldiers get an exalted position with God and are individually chosen by Him-- they are carefully picked out of the crowd by the Righteous King Himself. These troops compose an elite corps that is destined for a special position in God’s Developmental Program for His Universe. This is the overcoming remnant that will be victorious over our current world (which will one day be called Old Earth), and they are the ones whom God will use to re-populate the planet of His New Earth.

   Father God wants YOU to join Salvation’s Army! Become one of the Best... be smart and join the winning team! It’s the only way to come out on top in the end!

   The alternative is to stay on the losing side... and then you’ll end up at the bottom of a Pit of Fire, with a nasty guy named Satan and an ugly bunch of demons. Woe, woe... and whoa now! Hey, that’s a fate that shouldn’t appeal to anyone with an ounce of good sense...

   Let us reiterate...

   Father God wants YOU to join Salvation’s Army! Become one of the Best... be smart and join the winning team! It’s the only way to come out on top in the end!

   Yeah, that’s right— we’re the World’s Finest, the Good Guys who are “the salt of the Earth.” Admittedly, we fight for truth, for what’s right, and for justice... just like those “naive” police officers that a lot of people try to avoid!

   So why do we end up thinking that we’re “better” than all the rest? What makes us so special— what sets us apart from all the other evil sinners in the world?

   Only the fact that we’ve accepted salvation through Christ, and have thus gotten forgiveness from our sins... and the fact that we’ve turned to Jesus Christ as a source of Light.


   You can share the Light of Jesus Christ, can reflect His Holy Light in a Cruel World, and thus become a point of illumination in the darkness of this world.

   God’s Light can become a Lamp unto your feet and a Light unto your path, if you choose to accept rescue and salvation that is available in Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God Almighty.

   You can even live to see the Light of God flowing through you and reaching out to other people in our world...!

   It’s time your mind was illuminated by Jesus Christ, the Holy One Who is the Light of the World!

   God Almighty, the Holy and Righteous Leader of the Armies of Light, is looking for a few good followers. You can share this wonderful light by placing Jesus Christ, Who in the Trinity of God created our Universe, upon a throne at the center of your heart! He deserves that position and that kind of respect. He was first God The Son, but when born in human flesh He became the only sinless and righteous person who ever lived. Yet He sacrificed Himself on a cross for your sake, taking all guilt and sins upon Himself, in order that you and I— that all people— that whoever wishes for salvation might be rescued from the due punishment of sins.

   If you will do this, you will gain a new contentment and peace as you accept God's organizational plan for the Universe . . . because you'll be letting God be the Ruler of All Things in this world . . . and in your own life.

   All it really takes is a simple but sincere little prayer— one that you should make up in your own words. The prayer for deliverance and for God's leadership should come from your own heart!


Some important elements that you might include are:

1) your desire to turn away from the wrongness or evil of your

past life, and your remorse over the sins of your previous life,

2) your desire for God's forgiveness and mercy through the act

of sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son (Jesus Christ),

3) your desire to know God's leadership in your life,

4) your desire to learn more of God's truth through Bible study,

5) your desire to find fellowship with genuine believers.

   Jesus said of the people of God that "The kingdom of heaven is like a net that God has cast into the sea, and it gathers of every kind: When it is full, it will be pulled up on the shore, where they will sit down to sort the catch, and they will collect the good fish in baskets, but the bad things will be thrown away. This is the way it will be at the end of the world: The angels shall come forth, and they will separate the unrighteous persons from among those justified by God . . ."

                                           Excerpt from the Book of Matthew, who was a constant

                                           companion of Jesus and his devoted disciple [13:47-50].

   Jesus spoke of the people of God as being like a seed that is growing secretly, saying, “As for the kingdom of God, it is as if a person should cast seed into the ground; and then he sleeps, and he rises up night and day to see that the seed is springing forth and always growing up, although he knows not exactly how. The Earth is bringing forth fruit from itself; first the blade, then the ears of corn, and after that the fullness of the ears of corn. And when all the fruit of the Earth has come forth, immediately God will use the sickle to reap the fields, because the harvest-time has come."

                                           Excerpt from the book of Mark [4:26-29].


It's also important for all of us to remember this:

1) WE SPEAK TO GOD by our prayers.

2) GOD SPEAKS TO US by the words of Holy Scripture.


So we must try to read His words and His Book

just as often as we possibly can!!

   God wants to bless you for all your long efforts to understand this very confusing and difficult Universe in which we live— so let Him reward your search with the grace of His forgiveness and enlightenment!



Ken Street, a baptized follower of the Way.

    [This text is an early draft for the tract, and the scripture reference notes have not yet been added.]

                                                                           November 11 & 26, 2003

                                                                           Williamsburg, VA


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